Oct 1, 2015

Slow Fashion October

I am so excited that it's October, one of my favorite months of the year.  While I always love when the calendar turns to this month, I'm especially thrilled because I'm participating in #slowfashionoctober, the brainchild of Karen Templer who I've admired since she first had her pop-up shop many moons ago.  I don't think she even expected that small gesture to become the beautiful (and necessary) Fringe Supply Co. that it is today.  

So, what exactly is Slow Fashion October?  Well, Karen explained it best so you can read about it in detail here.  As for me, I'm hoping my participation will help get me back to writing my blog, push me to take my crafting skills to another level, and curate a mindful closet.  I know, these are really high expectations but hey, I'm always up for a challenge! Now, without further ado, here's my contribution to Week One:  YOU.

I'm Evelyn and have been knitting in earnest for the past 10 years although, like many, I learned to knit as a child.  My mother is a phenomenal knitter who, to this day, doesn't read patterns but rather reads knitting.  She reminds me of musicians who play by ear ~ the woman knits by sight, and I'd love to get to that level where I can look at a sweater and re-create it merely by touch.  I think of myself as a solid knitter but for the last few years, I've been wanting to step up my game and tackle some techniques that have eluded me.  My mother is also an amazing sewist, but sadly that skill didn't float down to me. This is something I would especially like to remedy during this month.  I am in awe of my knitting friends who also sew beautiful, hand-tailored clothes (yes, Gail, I'm talking about you!), and this is one of my goals.  

Slow Fashion October will give me a focused time frame to think about design, fiber, and making. My main goal for this event is to turn those skeins of yarn up above into a pullover for my teenage daughter (of my own design).  If I can also knit or sew a new top for me, that would be incredible.  Beyond that, the rest will be icing!

Follow my progress here and on my instagram feed.

Jun 4, 2015

Queue Me Up

Whenever I turn a page in my calendar, I get a little excited at the prospect of new beginnings.  I know it's sort of silly ~ after all, new beginnings can begin on any day of the month but somehow, the first day of a new month has that new shiny feel.  So, now that a new season is also about to begin, I'm making myself commit to a challenge that I've been thinking about a lot over the last few months. I was so inspired by everyone's #madememay projects, and I desperately wanted to play along but who was I kidding?  I haven't created enough in my wardrobe to even post for a week, let alone an entire month!

So instead of pouting and feeling sorry for myself, I've decided to do something about my lack of creative output over the past year.  I've started and stopped too many projects since last fall and in going over my stash, I'm having to admit that it's getting me down. Why are there soooo many one skeins in there?  Do I seriously not have any sweater's worth of yarn in any of the gazillion bags I seem to be hoarding?  This is going to change! I'm going to take some time over the weekend to sort through my patterns and stash and start a brand new queue for my summer knitting which will include warm weather tops and accessories.

I haven't participated in a KAL for a long time, but I'm thinking that jumping in on a couple of knit-alongs this summer may just be what I need to inspire me and to keep me honest and engaged with all you lovely knitters. I haven't hosted a knit-along in while either so stay tuned as I'm scheming of a fun one to announce early next week.  In the meantime, if you're enjoying one now that still has a few weeks to go, let me know.  I just may join you!

Apr 30, 2015

In Search of Yarn

Slowly but surely, the temperatures are starting to rise to a point where I can think about wearing tees and tanks and, of course, this turns my mind to knitting some tees and tanks. I fell pretty hard when I first saw this simple yet jazzy knitted top ~ I mean, c'mon, look at those fabulous little fringe details ~ and I'm feeling inspired to start scouting out the perfect yarn for this project. No, this isn't a pattern but with some careful looking and notes, I think I can re-create it.

From Damsel in Dior
From Damsel in Dior

For all my years of knitting, I have to admit that I've stuck pretty loyally to the same small circle of yarns I've used in the past, but this season, I'm looking to bust out a bit and try my hand at new-to-me companies and fibers. So, what are your thoughts?  Linen? Flax? Cotton? Merino blend? I'd love your help!

Mar 25, 2015

An Ode to the Stitch

There are times when I can't wait ... Typically, I'm a patient person and if given the chance to have two marshmallows if I can wait ten minutes rather than one marshmallow right this very second, I'll opt for the two marshmallows.  But earlier today, when this gorgeous scarf jumped on my screen while tootling around Ravelry, I literally had to put everything down and pick up my needles. 

Within minutes, I had this and I was in love.  This beautiful stitch pattern got me thinking about how certain types of stitches get me excited ... every time.  So, what is it about this design that I love so much?  Well, basically, it's a pretty simple drop stitch and whenever I come across a drop stitch pattern, I'm smitten. I love the openness of it, the architecture of it, and let's be honest, I also love the slightly daring aspect of dropping a stitch.  C'mon, we knitters know that dropping stitches is a huge no no and one of our biggest fears but when you are required to do it on purpose ... it's kind of fun!

I've been thinking about this scarf now for the past hour, and I think my other projects are going to be put aside while I rummage around for some fluffy yarn to cast this one on.  So much for the two marshmallows ...